Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bousra Waterfall

The Bousra Waterfall is conveniently sited in Village I, Bousra Commune, Péch Chenda District; 38 kilometers from Sèn Monorom. It can be accessed by red soil road.
There are more than 1,058 families living in the Bousra area of 369 ha, whose main occupations are farming.
Around the resort, there are motels, restaurants, souvenir shops, two elevators down to the base of the waterfall, small cable cars, a theme park, and resting huts. The resort is managed by the Sor La Investment Co., Ltd. Under the terms of the contract and location lease for a 90-year period made on November 27, 2008, this company has been vested with an investment of US$ 6 million in the area of over 400 ha by the Royal Government of Cambodia.
The waterfall is one of the most interesting places for keen tourists in all seasons. It is divided into three stages:
First Stage:The waterfall is 15 meters in diameter and 8-12 meters in height during the rainy season and is 10-15 meters in height during the dry season.
Second Stage:The waterfall is 20 meters in diameter and 15-20 meters in height during the rainy season, and it is 13 meters in diameter and 18-25 meters in height during the dry season. The second stage of the waterfall is situated at a distance of 150 meters from the first stage. Tourists have a strong sentimental attachment to the place.
Third Stage:The waterfall has stronger speed than the second stage. This stage can not be reached because of its location in the thick forest and lack of means of transport.

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