Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pu Lung Village

Pu Lung Village is one of the well known tourist attractions in Mondulkiri. It is just an hour’s drive from the main town center. The scenic rustic setting of Pahlung Village, Mondulkiri along with diverse regional culture draws thousands of tourists and travelers.
Pu Lung Village in Mondulkiri is also one of the popular centers of excursion in Cambodia. Travelers can undertake an elephant trekking trip to the village. The village is on the route to the Bousra Waterfalls. The route is wonderful and takes place through winding tracks, sprawling rainforests and idyllic waterfalls. The village is located in the northern part of Senmonorom.
There are various ways to go to Pu Lung Village. Apart from elephant treks, travelers can also hire shuttle cars and taxis to the village. The small village is full of scenic spots. Travelers can have a feel of the local rustic setting in the village. They can see the local huts and houses which are wonderfully designed. The forests which surround the village are also home to different varieties of flora and fauna.
Useful information about traveling to Pu Lung Village, Mondulkiri can be obtained from the tourist office. Various travel agencies also undertake trips to the village. The tour is mostly of a single day or half day. For full day trips, there are provisions for camping in the village.

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